Astor Learning Center June 14, 2019 12:30 pm - 1:15 am

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Ben Jones
Kiowa Bryan

When Laurie Barnard inherited his family’s rum making operation, he saw enormous potential to reinstate Saint Lucia’s authority as a superb origin of rum. He had a different philosophy than anyone else of his time. When most people were building multi-column stills to produce a large volume of flavorless spirit to add to cola, Laurie Barnard was experimenting with fermentation, buying up unwanted pot stills, and finding ways to create new flavors from his multi-component small capacity distillery. This various artisanal palate of possibilities he had created for himself, enabled the creation of complex liquids and unique rum blends. He was not a believer that rum was mature enough when it reached an age statement, but that the true potential in rum was found by blending various styles, fresh rums and heavy rums, various age statements, and various finishes – which remains the ethos of St. Lucia Distillers today. In this session we will explore Laurie’s legacy and have the rare opportunity to taste a variety of the deconstructed rum components behind the blends.

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